United Soccer Coaches

Women's World Cup 2023 - New Zealand

Auckland (New Zealand)
July 19 to August 2, 2023


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Director of Coaching, Academy Training Team Travel Program


I think going over there is a lot of team camaraderie you can get from these trips, there is a lot of growing up...It was a lot of growth during the trip for the players. I think being in a culture that’s immersed in soccer, the players will never forget that experience.

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Player, Tournament Team Training Program


I would definitely love to repeat it, and I would definitely suggest it to everyone that I know, just because it’s something so amazing and you never get this opportunity again. It’s something that you would dream about doing over and over again, and just something that no one will ever forget.

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Coach, Academy Training Team Travel Program


“I love watching the different coaching styles, I can pick up new things that I can bring back to the U.S. and put into my training sessions. Just being able to see where the top players in the world are able to train and compete I think is fantastic.”

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Supporter, Tournament Team Travel Program


“You have enough time for soccer but also enough time to experience the culture. It is an educational experience that not too many people have the opportunity to participate in.”