United Soccer Coaches

FIFA 2022 World Cup Experience

Doha (Qatar)
November 19 to 30, 2022


Coach Educatiom

Yes, we are excited to share that you will have an extensive Coach Education by United Soccer Coaches led United Soccer Coaches Director of Coach Education, Vince Ganzberg, and former U.S. National Team Assistant Coach, Ralph Perez.

No, you will not need to bring any attire or footwear to be on field. The coach education sessions will be classroom based.

No, there is not, you will receive everything you need for Coach Education on-site when you arrive.


You will be staying in apartment style housing in Al Sadd. Each apartment will have kitchen, dining/living room, 2 bedrooms with 2 beds in each bedroom and a full bathroom. More details on the location will be shared as we get closer to the trip.

A majority of our accommodations are a shared bedroom with 2 separate beds. We have a very limited number of single room (as a higher cost) available.

Yes, you will be able to request a roommate as we get closer to the trip, stay tuned.

Good news, we will be in the same apartment for the entirety of the trip, this will be our "home base" throughout the trip.

We can look into this for anyone that is interested, due to the extremely high demand and limited availability, it will be based on availability at the time of request and it will require full payment at once. If you are interested in additional room nights, you can reach out to Jeremy Parkins at JParkins@generationadidasinternational.com.


You will be responsible for your transportation to/from the airport to the apartment. We will provide recommendations for you, as we get closer to the trip, and be available to assist as needed in Doha.

This is a tricky one, the World Cup in Doha is one of the most unique in history where the demand for hotels/transportation far outweigh the supply. The ability to secure charter bus and/or large vans is very difficult and come at a very high price that would make this trip very expensive (as you are probably seeing in other MWC trips). Qatar and the hosting organization of the World Cup have shared that they are expecting public transportation to be very cheap (potentially at no cost) on game days. We are confident there will be good transportation options provided by Qatar and the hosting organization, and those will be shared with us as we get closer to the trip. We are confident that everything will be setup and we will have a great trip.

Public transportation will be available and within walking distance of the apartments. We are also based in an area within walking distance of cafe's, restaurants and shopping.

Yes, our accommodations are within walking distance to public transportation.


As we come out of COVID, the laws and policies around travel insurance have changed. Travel Insurance is now an OPTIONAL ITEM. We highly recommend travel insurance, there are several companies you can consider and we recommend our partner, Travelex Insurance Purchase and Coverage details can be found at your customized registration link at Travelex. If you purchase the insurance, rest assured, you're covered for any cancellation fees and lost deposits for your pre-paid travel arrangements if you cannot make your flights or planned accommodation due to circumstances out of your control such as sickness, injuries, strikes or natural disasters (areas that are covered in the travel insurance plan). Coverage details can be found at your customized registration link at https://www.travelexinsurance.com/?location=10-0206GenerationAdidas&go=bp  or be calling Travelex Insurance Services at 800-228-9792.

For more information on the available plans or to enroll, go to https://www.travelexinsurance.com/?location=10-0206GenerationAdidas&go=bp  or call Travelex Insurance Services at 800-228-9792.


Yes, travelers can fly out of their local airports at their own cost.

You are responsible for booking your on flights to/from Doha for the trip.

When you book your flight through your preferred airline, you can choose how you want to pay.

We recommend looking up flight options as soon as you register for the trip, flights will only get more expensive as we get closer to the travel dates.

We don't recommend airlines as there are many variables to consider and each airline has different strengths (number of flights, airport location, flight path, number of stops, ect.). You are welcome to choose the airline that best suits your travel requirements and needs.

Yes, if you need assistance with your flight booking, we will be happy to assist, please let us know by emailing Jeremy Parkins at JParkins@generationadidasinternational.com

This will vary by airline and we recommend checking your selected airlines website and baggage policies for the most up to date information.

Staff And Support

Yes, we will have staff from our leadership team on the site with you 24/7 to ensure things go great.

Yes, members of the National Office will be on the trip including United Soccer Coaches Director of Coach Education, Vince Ganzberg.

No, our staff can point you in the right direction and/or give you recommendations, but any requests outside of what's included in the trip will be your responsibility.

Extra Activities

You will see all three England matches, including one of the biggest games of group play, USA vs England (this is included in the trip). We are anticipating access to additional games, and will offer those opportunities to you to purchase tickets when they come available.


Taking and using credit cards and debit cards is very common. To avoid problems, the card should have the purchaser’s name on the card. Ask your personal bank for their recommendation. Answer 2: Yes, ATM’s are readily available all over the world. You can take money out of an ATM with your bank card from home, and only a small fee will apply.

The best practice for protecting money and for general safety is to be “practical but not paranoid”. ALL travelers should avoid carrying or showing large sums of money during sightseeing activities and players can usually enlist the help of a supporter/parent to hold money if needed. Team Coordinators are instructed to NOT hold money for travelers. Always keep money/wallets out of plain sight and hold in front pockets or carried with bag/purse in front and not over shoulder on your side or back. Do not leave money (wallets, cellphones, cameras or computers) on tables or counters unattended. It is advised to use reasonable caution, but do not let the worry ruin your trip.

Go to your local electronics department store (i.e. Best Buy, Target etc.) to purchase the required plug adapter for the country you are visiting. In Qatar, the associated plug type is G, which is the plug that has three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern. Qatar operates on a 240V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Our accommodations include WIFI, and most public places (cafe's and restaurants) also have WIFI access.

Yes, travelers can bring their own computer (and electronics) to use on the trip at their own risk.

You are invited to follow your traveling group via Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, you can search “generation adidas international – parents and players”. Our Twitter handle is @genadidas_intl. Go there before your trip to check it out.

Sorry but we do not set up laundry services, we can help point you in the right direction and assist with locations/options to do laundry.

Our supervisors are highly trained and professional. They will be there to assist you 24/7 throughout the program. We immediately emphasize the rules and guidelines for safety to all travelers at the welcome meeting and let them know that abiding by the rules will keep them safe. We never recommend go out on your own, you should always go with at least one other person. The hotels and locations we choose are selected with security as a high priority. The professional facilities where we visit and train are protected by security systems and guards at all times. You safety is very important to us and you are welcome to schedule a call with us if you have questions.

It is advisable to make a copy of your passport to carry with you during travel. This of course could be useful/helpful in the unlikely event that a passport has been lost or misplaced. We strongly encourage all travelers to keep a close eye on their passport at all times especially when they are pulling it out and putting it away several times for security checks during airport procedures. We also encourage you to make a copy of the pre-trip travel reference document we will provide that includes important contacts information. Take one copy with you and leave the other copy with family members back home. Also make a copy of the e-ticket that we provide, or your own agency provides, for reference of booking number and other details related to your departure and return flights.

There are many things out of our control that we try and finalize as quickly as possible, however, some of the vendors won't confirm details until 7-10 days before the trip. We update the "itinerary" page on this site as any updates are made, the large part of this trip is finalized, but we are still waiting on confirmation on a few items. As quickly as we can get confirmation from the vendors, we will update you.

The final itinerary will be released closer to the departure date. The reason for this is there are some items that will not be finalized until closer to departure.

No, meals are not included. We will work on providing recommended places to eat and we will be within walking distance of cafe's, restaurants and shops.

Payments And Cancellations

No, the deposit is non-refundable

1) log into your account 2) click my account on the top right part of the screen 3) click make a payment and follow the steps on the screen

1) log into your account 2) click my account on the top right part of the screen 3) click credit cards, and you will see the option on how to change your card on file

Up to 60 days prior to departure, your group can work with generation adidas international to change the trip dates or destination for any reason and pay no change fees, (only any potential increase in the price of the new trip). This provides each group the option and flexibility to postpone their trip before it is known whether the tour can safely run with respect to COVID-19. The group can postpone or move the tour with no fees or choose to cancel the trip if closures, government regulations, or travel restrictions due to COVID-19 prevent the delivery of your tour. Any trip participant who must cancel prior to 60 days to departure due to closures, government regulations, or travel restrictions due to COVID-19, will receive back any money previously paid to generation adidas international minus a $395 cancellation fee. · IMPORTANT - We highly recommend the additional purchase of Travel Insurance and provide recommendations for a third party insurance policy that will provide a full refund available under those policies, minus the amount paid for the insurance protection plan. The above cancellation terms are for landed costs. Any and all fees related to canceling group or individual airfare are at the discretion and policies of the airlines. All fees must be covered at the time of cancellation. We provide, in advance, deadline dates that allow for cancellation with no additional fees. Any cancellations after the provided deadline dates are subject to airline cancellation fees up to the entire cost of the airline ticket.

Health & Safety Travelling In 2022

As the world opens to group travel in 2022, GENERATION ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL stands ready to assist our customers and organize travel under the guidelines set forth by the US government, airlines, and the destination countries of choice. Please note that this is an evolving situation and we will provide timely and consistent updates to our policy and protocol based on US and foreign governments and health care organizations.

We work hard to stay up to date and at the forefront of global travel information, and then share that information with you as needed. If you see something that you have a question about, you can reach out to us and we will be happy to talk through it with you.

Travel during the COVID-19 pandemic involves certain inherent risks of infection and/or travel delay that GENERATION ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL cannot wholly eliminate. Every participant who chooses to travel at present must be willing to accept these elevated risks, while at the same time following GENERATION ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL and local guidelines designed to maximize the well-being of everyone in the group.

Groups and individuals traveling with GENERATION ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL in 2022 should know that GENERATION ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL has enacted new protocols to support a travel experience that is as safe as possible. Travelers who don't adhere to these new protocols may be dismissed from the tour and sent home with no refund.

Our staff will be on the trip with you 24/7 to make sure things go smooth, we are always ready to talk and provide assistance.

Masks are now optional and up to the discretion of the traveler (if this changes, we will let you know). We will encourage frequent use of hand sanitizer and participants should bring their own supply with them if they wish. Should a traveler become sick or test positive for COVID during the trip, GENERATION ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL will arrange for any needed medical care and help to sort out isolation requirements. These isolation/quarantine requirements may prevent a traveler from flying home on his/her original return date. While in isolation or quarantine overseas, costs related to accommodations, meals, further testing, and return flights are at your own expense or covered by your travel insurance (if you purchased it).

Currently, there are no travel restriction to enter the U.S.A. for U.S. citizens. If there are any changes as we move forward, we will let you know to ensure you have what you need to travel.